Why You Matter

Community fundraisers make a huge difference to the animals in the care of RSPCA Qld. It is only thanks to supporters like you that RSPCA Qld can rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals every day.

How your fundraising helps


May provide a kitten in need with a warm bed and litter for a night


Will help cover the cost of antibiotics for a sick animal in the shelter this week


Will help desex an abandoned puppy


Will help provide specialist care and surgery for a wildlife patient


Will help cover the cost of feeding 3 rescue horses for 1 week


Will help subsidise the cost of prosecuting an animal cruelty offender in court

Need some inspiration?

These are a few of our community's fundraisers

How would you like to fundraise?

I am for...


Ask for donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday, adoptaversary or celebration.

I am for...

A Challenge

Give up your favourite treat, tackle a dare — Challenge yourself and raise funds.

I am for...


A memorial page is a meaningful way to celebrate the life of a beloved person or pet.

I am for...


Hold a casual or themed dress day, BBQ, garage sale or bake sale and raise funds for animals.

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Being Active

Be active, run, race, or swim and raise funds for RSPCA.

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Doing it My Way

Your imagination is brimming with ideas and we want to hear them.

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