"Volunteers make a difference by generously giving their time to create a better world for domestic pets, farming animals, and our precious wildlife."

Help us support thousands of animals currently seeking their forever home by joining our amazing volunteer community, RSPCA Communtiy Crew. Together, we change lives!

Donating your time is not only a great way enhance the work of RSPCA in your area; it's an opportunity for you to invest in yourself, to learn new skills, meet new people, and participate in fun events. 

RSPCA Community Crew is a dynamic group of individuals, volutneering their time to support RSPCA's community engagement opportunties; such as markets, shopping centre visits, and visits to community groups and schools. It's also an opportunity to get involved with local events, including Millions Paws Walk and Cupcake Day!

It’s super simple to join the crew:

  1. Register below and get access to our volunteer portal
  2. Get notified when local events that need volunteers pop up
  3. Sign up to volunteer at that event & get a full brief prior to the day
  4. Come along and join in the fun!

The best part is, you get to volunteer your way! Pick and choose what you do and when you do it. our commitment is completely up to you! Plus you'll received one of our vibrant Community Crew shirts.  

We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds with a range of valuable skills and abilities. Enthusiasm and a willingness to make a difference are the only qualifications you need!

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Below are some of the crews favourite animal facts. How awesome is nature!