It’s PAW-TY time!

Swap birthday gifts for the gift of shelter and safety for all creatures great and small this year!

How it works

Get the paw-ty started by registering your details to create a virtual birthday card.

Invite others to the paw-ty by sending your virtual birthday card to loved ones for support.

Paw-ty on! Celebrate your birthday knowing you’ve helped animals in need.

What you'll get

As a thanks for swapping your birthday gifts for the gift of shelter and safety, you’ll receive the following goodies!


Paw-ty Bag! Celebrate with downloadable posters, social tiles, party games and more!

Paw-ty Friends! Receive support from our dedicated team of birthday fundraising gurus to help you every step of the way.
Paw-ty Gift! As well as the gift of helping animals, we’ll send you a special thank-you birthday present when your fundraising has reached $250! 

The difference you'll make

Swapping birthday gifts for fundraising donations helps save the lives of animals like Harley here!

Harley was emaciated and starved of attention when found by our Inspector. He was left discarded in a backyard like he didn’t matter.

Harley’s life completely transformed at the RSPCA. Harley was free to run about and go for daily walks with lots of love and care from vets, volunteers and staff. Harley was finally happy! He had people showering him with affection, feeding him and giving him the love that every dog deserves.

Beautiful Harley now has wonderful owners and that’s all he ever wished for. Paw-ty on Harley, we're so happy for you!

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