Calico's friends

By Graeme Wallace

I am for doing things my own way and will be raising funds for one of my favourite charities, RSPCA QLD.

RSPCA QLD rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals across the state, caring for over 52,000 animals every year. It is the only charitable body responsible for investigating and prosecuting cruelty cases within Queensland, with the Inspectorate receiving over 17,800 reports of cruelty last year. RSPCA QLD care for wildlife, domestic and farm animals, providing a safe space for animals with less than 3% government funding annually.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the animals of Queensland. Thank you!

My Updates


Tuesday 10th Nov
I'm absolutely blown away by the kindness and generosity from everyone who's contributed - thank you all so much. I'm super excited about us reaching my second fundraising goal so once again I'm bumping it up to see how far we can get - can we get to $2020 in 2020?

Birthday goals!

Friday 6th Nov
Thanks to some incredibly generous support from amazing individuals we have reached my original target. So I am setting a new target to see how far I can push this.


Thursday 22nd Oct
Today I'm tempting my MDP colleagues with puppy cupcakes! I am not an artisan baker or decorator, and a couple had a ruff train ride into the city, but I still think they're pretty cute!

Calico's friends has gone live!

Tuesday 18th Aug
After a few weeks of stuffing about followed by a productive long weekend, I'm glad to say that my "Calico's friends" has gone live with a few blog posts... and so the adventure begins!
IG: @calicosfriends

Thank you to my Supporters




Angela Rezes

In memory of Patsy


Sharon Wallace

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY BRO!! Thank you for looking after the little furry guys :-) And for finding Archie for us. He is well loved!


Fiona & Mark

Our donation is being made to honour a selfless, kind and loving soul, Patsy Wayne. Her love for her family, friends, fun and animals is well known by all. We wanted to honour Patsy by donating to a charity close to her heart, and this was promoted by her beautiful, selfless and caring granddaughter, Hannah, so we thought this was ideal! Wherever a beautiful soul has been they leave a trail of golden memories and Patsy’s trail is very wide and far reaching. May her family and friends find comfort and love in each other, and their memories at this time. Blessings and love to you Patsy and, and to your family and friends as well 😘❤️🌹


Matthew Wylie

Happy birthday Graeme. Your volunteering with the RSPCA has certainly changed the lives of many animals and people you’ve come on contact with. I look forward to continuing working with you in our volunteering journey. I hope you smash your goal of $1058.


Graeme Wallace




Hannah Mccoll

Happy birthday, GW! Keep up the amazing work!


Tina, Dan And Maggie-moo

Happy birthday Graeme. I hope this helps other beautiful fur babies find the love and care that Moro, Chiko, Cola, Nutmeg and Maggie have been lucky enough to find


Victoria Kuftina

Happy Birthday, Graeme! You’re a wonderful human with the kindest of hearts, and all the work you do for animals is truly heartwarming.



Happy Birthday Crayon!


John Leung

Happy 40th birthday mate. I’m proud to support your dedication to a great cause. All the best! John



Happy Birthday!


Various Mdp Colleagues


Joyann Hudson


Steph Jessup


Sam Martin

Happy birthday Graeme! Hope you have a great day. I like the fundraising idea! Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday 😊 Sam


Janelle Murray

Happy birthday Graeme! Such a great cause!


Raymond Curro

Good on ya Graeme. Happy birthday too!


Chris Chambers


Julia Morton

Great job !


Felicity Hutchings

I almost bought you a cupcake but decided you’d appreciate this donation more. From the devil woman.


Hannah Mccoll-wayne





Robyn Williams