Helpful Info & Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to raise money in support of RSPCA QLD!

In order to assist with your fundraising efforts, we have compiled the following fundraising information and guidelines. This material will help your fundraising activity run smoothly and will outline your legal responsibility as a community fundraiser raising money on behalf of a charity.

Upholding RSPCA standards

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It is important that any fundraising activity or event affiliated with RSPCA Queensland upholds RSPCA’s animal welfare values, including in relation to: animals in sports & entertainment; training methods for animals; petting zoos; and humanely sourced food. If your fundraiser involves the serving and consumption of food, you will need to ensure that the ingredients align with our RSPCA Food Policy. If you have any questions about RSPCA policies, please contact our Community Fundraising team at

RSPCA name & logo use

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The RSPCA is unable to grant permission for use of the official RSPCA logo to fundraisers. Instead you are able to use our official ‘community supporter logo’ which is available for download under the resources section.

When using the RSPCA name in promotion of your event or fundraiser it is important to note that the activity is not being managed by RSPCA but instead is an activity held in “support of the RSPCA”. Suggested phrasing could be: “Trivia Night in support of RSPCA Queensland” or “Trivia Night with all proceeds going to RSPCA Queensland”.

Any printed materials or advertisements to be used in relation to the event, must be submitted to RSPCA Queensland for approval and must also state how the proceeds from the event are to benefit RSPCA eg. “all proceeds from this event” or “all proceeds from the auction/raffle”.

Media & promotion of your activity

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All media materials and press releases must be approved by RSPCA Queensland prior to circulation. Please allow 5 days for approval. When speaking with the media it is important to remember that you are not speaking on behalf of RSPCA Queensland or as a representative of RSPCA Queensland.


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RSPCA Queensland requests that there be no door-to-door appeals, street collections or telephone solicitation of any kind to the public in connection with your fundraising efforts. All of these activities require permits and are closely governed by local and state governments.

Permits & Public Liability

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It is the responsibility of the fundraiser to ensure that your event meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Unfortunately, community fundraisers are not covered by RSPCA Queensland's public liability insurance.

You are also responsible for sourcing any permits, licences or Authorisation from local councils or shopping centres that may be required. You should also consider liquor licensing and food preparation regulations if these relate to your event.

Prizes & Sponsorship

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Unfortunately, RSPCA is unable to provide prizes or assist in soliciting prizes to use at community fundraising events or activities.

RSPCA Queensland currently has a number of sponsorship arrangements with many organisations, and is often speaking with new organisations regarding their potential support. Therefore, please check with the Community Fundraising team prior to approaching any businesses for sponsorship of your event.

Finances & Banking

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It is your responsibility as a community fundraiser to manage all financial aspects of your event or activity. This includes record keeping and returning the funds to RSPCA Queensland. Funds raised (along with details of income) must be submitted to RSPCA Queensland within 14 days of the event. Supporters that donate to your online fundraising page will receive an automated tax-deductible receipt. Supporters that make any offline donations can receive a receipt if you submit their details via the Receipt Request Form, following which RSPCA Queensland will issue a receipt directly.

Useful tools

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RSPCA Queensland reserves the right to withdraw approval of your fundraising activity at any time if it believes any aspect of the fundraising activity no longer fits within its fundraising guidelines.