Before you start

How do I get involved?

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It is easy to register to fundraise on behalf of RSPCA Queensland. Simply click on the “I am for Animals” button and then select which fundraising method suits you. Then we need you to answer a few simple questions to register.

If you have any questions during this process please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Community Fundraising team

How does my fundraising make a difference?

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RSPCA Queensland receives less than 4% in operational funding from the government and relies on donations to provide the many services across our state. Your fundraising helps support our animal centres, programs and services.

Why do I need to register?

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To fundraise for any charity within Australia you require permission from that specific charity. By registering your fundraising with RSPCA Queensland, you are legally authorised to fundraise on our behalf once given an approval letter.

Registering your fundraiser with us also ensures that the Community Fundraising team can support you through your fundraiser and provide you with resources and assistance.

What happens after I register?

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After you register, you will receive a registration e-mail with login details for your online fundraising page. Within a few days, you will be contacted by a Community Fundraising Coordinator to confirm your registration and provide support or guidance with your fundraiser. Once approved you will be issued with an Authority to Fundraise on behalf of RSPCA Queensland, which you may be asked to show donors, sponsors or other entities the purpose of your fundraising.

Is there an age limit?

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Anyone can fundraise for RSPCA Queensland. If you are under 16, we require the details of a parent or guardian to approve the fundraiser.

What support will I receive from RSPCA Queensland?

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Our Community Fundraising Coordinators will be there to support you every step of the way with your fundraising. We will be there from the point of registration right through to the completion of your event. You can contact us at any time 

Once you are signed up

Are there any rules about fundraising I should know about?

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Yes, there are rules to ensure your fundraising event is compliant with local fundraising legislation and with the RSPCA welfare and food policy. You can view our guidelines to ensure your fundraiser meets RSPCA standards

If you have any questions, you can contact your Community Fundraising Coordinator.

Where can I get fundraising tips and ideas?

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Our Resources and Guidelines section provide many suggestions on how to ask for donations or sponsorship, there is also a helpful guide to fundraising.

Can I use the RSPCA Queensland logo for my promotional material?

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Our Resources section has a number of available resources that you can use to promote your event. Included in this kit is the RSPCA “Community Fundraiser” logo, which you can use to promote your activity.

Can someone from RSPCA Queensland attend my event?

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RSPCA Queensland receives many requests every day to attend events; while we do our best to accommodate requests please understand we are unable to fulfil all requests (as much as we would love to!) Each event is considered individually factoring available resources and the welfare of our animals. You can discuss your requirements with your Community Fundraising Coordinator.


How do I bank funds if I collect cash through my fundraiser?

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You can download the Fundraising Remittance Form which will give you the information on how to bank the funds from your fundraiser. For those funds that are raised via your online fundraising page, they come straight through to RSPCA Queensland’s bank account.

What about the funds that were donated to my online fundraising page?

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You don’t need to worry about those as these donations come straight through to RSPCA Queensland automatically.

How can someone sponsor me by credit card?

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This will direct them to donate to your page with their credit card, and your page will be automatically be updated with their donation. They will receive a receipt via email.

Will my donors receive a receipt for their donation?

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Anyone who makes a donation on your fundraising page will automatically receive a receipt via email. If you have cash donations you can complete the Receipt Request Register and submit alongside your cash donation and RSPCA Queensland will issue receipts. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all details must be completed on the form in order for a receipt to be issued.

What is the difference between a donation and a purchase?

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It is important to identify the difference between a donation and a purchase, a donation is tax deductible and the donor receives nothing in return for their donation. A purchase is not tax deductible (and a receipt cannot be issued), a purchase involves the exchange of a service or product for money i.e the sale of a cupcake or hiring a person to mow lawns.

Can I donate items instead of money?

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If you choose to collect items instead of money for RSPCA Queensland you will need to register your donation drive, and we will work with you to identify key items that are needed by our animal care centres. You will need to arrange delivery of any collected items to your local shelter as we do not currently havea  collection service. 

You can also donate your house hold items to our Op Shops.

Can I use the money I raise to buy items?

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Raising funds for RSPCA Queensland is important as it allows us to pay for services and medicines for our animals, while all items are important there is a huge number of services that are financed by community fundraisers. See why you matter here

Using the money raised to buy items may also go against fundraising policies. Discuss this with your Community Fundraising Coordinator.

Online Fundraising Page

I have lost my login details

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If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it via the Forgot Password link.

If you have forgotten what email address you used please contact your Community Fundraising Coordinator who can reissue those details.

What is my fundraising dashboard?

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Your online fundraising dashboard is your own website where you can easily manage your fundraising.

You can personalise your page with your own story and photos; as well as send out e-mails to collect donations and thank your donors.

You can edit this page whenever you like by clicking on the ‘Edit My Page’ tab.