Finley’s 10th Birthday

By Finley Lower

For my 10th birthday this year I am asking for donations to one of my favourite charities, RSPCA QLD.

RSPCA QLD rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals across the state, caring for over 52,000 animals every year. It is the only charitable body responsible for investigating and prosecuting cruelty cases within Queensland, with the Inspectorate receiving over 17,800 reports of cruelty last year. RSPCA QLD cares for wildlife, domestic and farm animals, providing a safe space for animals with less than 4% government funding annually.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the animals of Queensland. Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Very noble of you to forfeit presents so animals are better off.


Ivy Moule

Happy birthday Finley!


Elise Meakin

Happy Birthday Finlay! What a generous & kind idea. You’re awesome!



Happy birthday Finley - what a great idea to support the RSPCA😊


William Glasgow

Happy birthday Finley. Hope you have a great birthday 😎


Lachlan Taylor

Happy 10th birthday Finley!


Roman Young

Happy Birthday Finley!


Tavia Triffett-driessen

Happy 10th Birthday Finley 🥳 WE DONATED!!! Yay


Levi Wosner

Happy birthday from Levi and I. Wonderful idea to help the animals, good on ya 👍🏻


Damien Martin

Happy. Birthday mate. You’re doing a great thing. I hope one day there are more kids as switched on as you


Taylor Mitchell

Happy birthday!


Kaider Manns

Happy Birthday Finley What a lovely idea. From Kaider



What a great idea! Happy birthday Finley :)