Jaimee does GC50 for our furry friends!

By Jaimee Trembearth

On December 6, 2020, I will take part in my 6th Ironman triathlon. What sets this event apart from the others is that my goal is not just to PB at this event, but I want to raise as much as I can for our furry friends. 

Did you know that the RSPCA is the only charitable body responsible for investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty cases within Queensland? They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals across Queensland, caring for 52000 animals each year. 

Please support my endeavour and desire to make a difference in the world by donating to my favourite charity!

My Updates


Friday 11th Sep
Sadly, Busselton Ironman was canceled today... Of course, I was pretty devastated when I first learned of it because THIS YEAR was the year that the stars aligned. I could train hard for it without my pups being on their own too often (thanks to a temporary house mate) and the school year would have just finished so I wouldn't have to take time off work. Despite this, I am still wanting to raise money for the animals and challenge myself... so I've now registered for the GC50. Having never run 50km straight before, this certainly will be a big feat for me.

Thank you for the support!!

Thank you to my Supporters




Louise Nardi

Jaimee you are fabulous x


Neill King

Smash bison Vegan Girl.


Andrea Love

A dollar for every kilometre 😝 You are such a good human 💕😘


Jaimee Trembearth


Kendall Trembearth

M n me are for you Jaimee👍


Jaimee Trembearth


Cam's Bottles And Cans


Jaimee Trembearth


Jaimee Trembearth

The $10 I found on our walkies this morning



You're an inspiration! Wishing you a happy IM~tri~tastic!