Fundraising for the RSPCA

By Tanis Lacopo

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Perro Sano is here!

Sunday 21st Feb
Perro Sano > Healthy Dog - Is my dog treat business: Introducing Natural, Real (no nasties), Spanish styled Dog Treats! Perro Sano stands for providing nutritious dog treats that boost your dog’s day... No hidden ingredients or preservatives, only full of natural proteins and vitamins 🥩

🏜 First welcoming the ‘Desert Range’… Beef Jerky, Beef Liver, Original Chicken, Original Turkey

⚡️ Perro Sano will be launching more treats along with information to help educate in what is “healthy” and what are “nasties” very soon.

This page is here to be available to the public that want to donate & for Perro Sano customers wanting to donate too! 

Thank you for your support!


Wednesday 28th Oct
This is the page I have set up for Perro Sano to donate too. This is a business that is launching this year! So for now, I am raising awareness through my personal social medias while providing tips and tricks for all dog owners! 

Thank you to my Supporters


Tanis Lacopo