21k Spartan Beast Race

By Tara Claire Memery

Lets finish 2020 - kicking goals

2020 has been a difficult year, with business closures, lockdowns, COVID19, finding our way to our new normal. For all of us fitness, has been an important part. It has kept us going physically, mentally and emotionally, and this November we all take on the challenge of the 21k Spartan Race on the Gold Coast. Which is an achievement in its self (If Tara doesn't pass out half way through).  We on the LTYB Clayfield team want to finish this year on a win and that is kicking butt at this 21k Spartan Race.

But at a time where a simple act of kindness can go a long way, we have chosen to ask everyone to support us by donating to the RSPCA, a cause close to our hearts. 

RSPCA QLD rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals across the state, caring for over 52,000 animals every year. It is the only charitable body responsible for investigating and prosecuting cruelty cases within Queensland, with the Inspectorate receiving over 17,800 reports of cruelty last year. RSPCA QLD care for wildlife, domestic and farm animals, providing a safe space for animals with less than 3% government funding annually.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the animals of Queensland. Thank you!

My Updates

Final week of Spartan 2020 Training

Tuesday 24th Nov
So we are in the final count down to Saturday's Spartan race, all three of us are training hard and preparing for Saturdays 21 ks. This race has been about a lot of firsts, and another one occurred Friday night for me, where I ran 8 KM for the first time since my car accident and surgery. For months now we have trained for this event, one where until last Friday if you had told me we were crazy, I would have been like maybe. But the mindset for me on Friday night as I ran each of those KMS, in the dark, on a friday night where I would usually be doing happy hour or having a few drinks made me realise how much has changed and how much training for spartan has changed me. 

As we are all aware COVID19 has caused havoc on our economy and jobs, what alot of people dont realise is that charities are heavily affected. They didnt get to throw all their fundraising events this year due to restrictions, and RSPCA has been hit hard by this. With donations and funding dropping, it became important to me that we give back some how while doing this race. Any donation amount is welcome, This is a cause close to all of our hearts and we hope you will donate and support us! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Helen Huggard


Jeannette Clothier

Good Luck Tara & Team!


Ralph Huggard


Shannon Minnell


Travis Toppin

So proud of you for doing this! I know how hard you've worked for it.



Good luck all of you!


Sue Clarke

Go girl. You’ve done the work, you can do it!



Get it done, don’t die!



Go Tara, the commitment you have given to your training - you are already a winner.


Kaela Inwood

I like turtles!




Gareth Salkield


Kirsty Huggard