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I am for being active, setting myself a goal and kicking it! You can support my endeavour by donating to one of my favourite charities, RSPCA QLD.

RSPCA QLD rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals across the state, caring for over 52,000 animals every year. It is the only charitable body responsible for investigating and prosecuting cruelty cases within Queensland, with the Inspectorate receiving over 17,800 reports of cruelty last year. RSPCA QLD care for wildlife, domestic and farm animals, providing a safe space for animals with less than 3% government funding annually.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the animals of Queensland. Thank you!

My Updates

Charity Fight Night

Sunday 12th Sep
On the 25th of Sept I will be taking part in a Charity a fight night event to raise funds for RSPCA QLD. 
For those of you who are unable to make it, please donate whatever you can towards a really good and important cause.

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So proud of you Wuss





All the best young man 🤲